Swan Legal Services LLC

Private Investigation, Process Service, Defense Support, Legal Courier, Background Check, etc

Field Visits - we offer contact and no contact field visits. These visits helps to ensure that the correct party lives at residence and assist clients in reconnecting with their customers. Swan Legal Services LLC can deliver personalized and confidential correspondence and perform a visual inspection of the property and take photo's for our clients records. No contact field visits includes the letter drop service where we deliver a letter or other important documents to residence or business (Courier Services).

Skip Trace Services - is designed to locate an individual in order to deliver important documents (usually legal).

Inspection Services  - is geared towards taking a visual inspection of the property. The property can be leased equipment and/or vehicles, real estate, or any other type of property that belongs to the client.

Commercial Inspection Services - is geared towards commercial property where the clients just want a visual image of the property to verify that the property is being maintained and/or utilized as agreed.

Door Knock Services - is to verify whether or not the property is abandoned or occupied. It also helps to verify who the occupants are if occupied.