Swan Legal Services LLC

Private Investigation, Process Service, Defense Support, Legal Courier, Background Check, etc

Sandra Kimbrough, MS, LCDC-I, LCCA, PI, PS


Certified Process Server via JBCC -  #15354

Licensed Private Investigator via TX DPS -  #46561502

We serve at these locations for:  Corporation Service Company  

16055 Space Center Blvd Houston, TX 77062 

2425 West Loop South Houston, TX 77027


Texas Process Servers Association (TPSA) - #807

Texas Association of Professional Process Servers (TxAPPS) - #100

National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) - #10018

Type of documents served: Federal, Subponeas, Out of State documents, State of Texas Court documents, TRO, TPO, Divorce, Child support, Family law, etc.

Yes, we make attempts on Sundays and Holidays ... IF the State where the papers originated 

from allow Sunday and Holiday Service. 

TEXAS: NO SUNDAY SERVICE...UNLESS there is a court order, TPO, TRO or out of State order allowing Sunday Service.

Pre-payment is required for ALL services.


1. We are not attorney's. We can not nor will we provide legal advice regarding your case. 

2. We are not a referral service for attorney's. We do not and will not recommend attorney's for your case.

3. Service of Process fees are based on per person/per address/per citation provided by client/customer.

4. The court clerk makes the final decision on whether to file or not file your document(s) and/or e-filing documents. 

5. The Judge makes the final decision on whether or not Process of Service is valid or not valid; or properly served.  

6. Service is not guaranteed on all service of process and/or court filings  (including e-filings) for various reasons (i.e., issue with document(s) provided for filing/e-filing; court rules have changed; bad address provided by client/customer; receiving party refused delivery; party deceased; party in hospital, etc.).

 7. We use third party vendors to e-file your case and/or Proofs.  We will follow their guidelines and/or requirements.  Client/Customer is responsible for any fees associated with the filing of documents including efiling fees. We are not responsible for their downtime, requirements and/or errors (E-file Texas and ServeManager e-filing system).